Fall Tips From Martin City Animal Hospital

Ahhh… the dog days of summer. Everyone knows that spring and summer are when we need to worry about fleas, ticks and heartworm disease. But did you know that fall is actually the worst time of year for dog and cat parasites?

At the Martin City Animal Hospital, Dr. Libby Robertson says she sees many families fall off the parasite prevention bandwagon as they get busy with school, fall sports and fantastic weather. They then find themselves in a bind when their pets start to itch or, worse, get sick with a tick-borne disease. The cooler weather of fall plus the extra moisture helps give parasites an extra boost before the cold of winter slows them down.

Flea and tick populations have been growing since spring and their reproduction rate is at its highest. A single opossum can host over 1,000 fleas this time of year which means 20,000 flea eggs in your pet’s outdoor environment from a single opossum sneaking through your yard!

Tick-borne diseases such as ehrlichia canis and lyme disease are also on the rise and we have seen ticks well into the winter months the past few years. According to the Companion Animal Parasite Council (capcvet.org) – Missouri and Kansas both have higher than average rates of E. Canis infection which can cause lethargy, swelling of the legs, joint pain and even seizures.

But Dr. Robertson – what does this all mean?
It means you need to protect all of your pets from parasites all year long with good quality products. Even your indoor-only cats need protection from “hitch-hiker” fleas and Houdini mosquitos that find their way into your home. There are a number of different products that work well and Dr. Roberton only recommends products purchased through veterinarians. She says if you must buy off the internet – make sure the site is a Vet-VIPPS accredited pharmacy. Often times, your veterinarian will have better deals due to support from manufacturers.

If in doubt about parasite protection or which products would work best for your pet’s lifestyle – call the Martin City Animal Hospital! They deal with parasites every day and would be glad to help you!

About Martin City Animal Hospital

When you drive through the heart of Martin City, it is easy to notice the great restaurants and cute shops that dot 135th Street. As you come upon Rooms that Bloom and Jess & Jim’s Restaurant – you may notice a triangle shaped building sitting on the north side of 135th Street. Hugging the railroad track is Martin City Animal Hospital, where it has been for over 36 years!

Founded by Dr. Dave Deily, MCAH has been owned by Dr. Libby Robertson since 2008. “I purchased the clinic, in large part, because of the surrounding businesses and the diversity of clientele”, says Dr. Robertson. “I love that Martin City is such a tight little neighborhood! It’s growing and improving every year, which is fantastic!”

Dr. Robertson has been upgrading the equipment over the years and has added the ability to do intensive care monitoring (including electrocardiogram), blood work analyzers, high power cold therapy laser treatments and improved radiology equipment for better x-rays. “It is so critical to always be learning and upgrading in this industry. Veterinary medicine is advancing rapidly in our knowledge and abilities and we want to always offer quality medicine to our patients,” says Dr. Robertson.

The clinic is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 am – 5:30 pm and offers a full range of services including surgery, internal medicine, radiology, boarding and behavior counseling. Stay in touch by joining their Facebook community